Hey Dragons! Time is racing by and with November comes the testing season. Things to remember? Sleep long. Eat well. Make time for fun or exercise. I know everyone is stuffing their brains with knowledge but everyone has a limit. Start early and work consistently throughout the week to stay up on your homework.
I found this interesting article about what services international students should look for when applying to college. Its an interesting read so have a look.
Please don’t sit on the counters and sink tops in the bathrooms. They are beginning to break and are becoming a hazard. Its our school and its our job to keep it looking nice.
Uniforms are a part of who we are at KISJ and about 99% of you are dressed perfectly so thank you! I’m really happy that we are doing this simple, but very necessary thing. If you’re missing a part of your uniform please get it ordered straight away. Just as a reminder, everyone should be wearing KISJ issued uniform items only (remember your tie). I’m going to ask teachers to do a random uniform check once a week so please be aware that you will be marked if you are out of uniform.
Important Dates:
11/8: Stuco Assembly
11/11: Volleyball @KISJ
11/14-17: Wellness week
11/18: KISJ Theatre—Our Town
11/26: TedxJeju
11/30: Choir program in the PAC
12/2: Orchestra in the Mini PAC
12/3: SAT @ KISJ / Basketball @KISJ
12/7 HS Band Concert
12/10: ACT
College Visits:
Hesston College: Friday, November 4 @ 8:20 a.m. in the HS Learning Center
University of British Columbia: Friday, November 11 @ 8:20 a.m. in the HS Learning Center
DRAGONStars: Please come down for your photo Monday morning during advisory.
Grade 9:
Anna Hong
Jason Moon
Grade 10:
Diana Kang
Joey Jang
Grade 11:
Jasmine Kim
Yasmin Daly
Grade 12:
Alice Ko
Jay Song