Dragon Descant

Posted on November 6th, 2016

Hey Dragons! Time is racing by and with November comes the testing season. Things to remember? Sleep long. Eat well. Make time for fun or exercise. I know everyone is stuffing their brains with knowledge but everyone has a limit. Start early and work consistently throughout the week to stay up on your homework.
I found this interesting article about what services international students should look for when applying to college. Its an interesting read so have a look.
Please don’t sit on the counters and sink tops in the bathrooms. They are beginning to break and are becoming a hazard. Its our school and its our job to keep it looking nice.
Uniforms are a part of who we are at KISJ and about 99% of you are dressed perfectly so thank you! I’m really happy that we are doing this simple, but very necessary thing. If you’re missing a part of your uniform please get it ordered straight away. Just as a reminder, everyone should be wearing KISJ issued uniform items only (remember your tie). I’m going to ask teachers to do a random uniform check once a week so please be aware that you will be marked if you are out of uniform.
Important Dates:
11/8: Stuco Assembly
11/11: Volleyball @KISJ
11/14-17: Wellness week
11/18: KISJ Theatre—Our Town
11/26: TedxJeju
11/30: Choir program in the PAC
12/2: Orchestra in the Mini PAC
12/3: SAT @ KISJ / Basketball @KISJ
12/7 HS Band Concert
12/10: ACT
College Visits:
Hesston College: Friday, November 4 @ 8:20 a.m. in the HS Learning Center
University of British Columbia: Friday, November 11 @ 8:20 a.m. in the HS Learning Center
DRAGONStars: Please come down for your photo Monday morning during advisory.
Grade 9:
Anna Hong
Jason Moon
Grade 10:
Diana Kang
Joey Jang
Grade 11:
Jasmine Kim
Yasmin Daly
Grade 12:
Alice Ko
Jay Song


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