Dragon Descant 5 December 2016

Posted on December 2nd, 2016

Happy December, Dragons!
If you see your name at the bottom of this page, please come to the office to get your picture taken. The photo board is starting to get pretty cool, but, I can’t celebrate your amazingness if you don’t come down for a photo!

The countdown is on..I don’t think I need to say much more about the importance of the next two weeks. But I’ll just say this one tiny thing…the next two weeks are very important. So please stay focused on what your teachers are asking you to do. They are the people who can help you the most with your studies as you prepare for finals.
Dead Week: Except for boys basketball, there are no extracurriculars or clubs next week. Use your time wisely!
A(nother) review of the exam rules for this semester:
Academic Honesty: All students must sign the HS Cheating Policy before being allowed to take any HS semester exams. Failure to sign the policy will result in an F on the exams (If you haven’t done this, please do it ASAP). Your advisor will provide a copy of the policy for each of you to sign.
Dress for exam days: Students may wear the relaxed uniform on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Dec 13-16). Relaxed uniform consists of dark pants or jeans and KIS shirt. No shorts, sweat pants, athletic pants, pajamas, or skirts are allowed. Rubber-bottomed shoes are preferred for the gym. Failure to dress accordingly may result in missing an exam.
Procedures on the day of the exams: All students must report to the cafeteria at least 15 minutes before the exam. Please sit with your class period for that specific exam. You will be called into the hallway by grade and will enter into the gym by class period. You must stay in the gym in your seat for the duration of the exam. All grade 9-11 students must be in the HS building until 12:30 on exam days.
***Grade 9-11 students who do not have a morning exam must stay above the first floor.***
Senior privileges: Boarding seniors will have dorm privileges during the exams on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Dec 13- 16). Day seniors do not have to be at school if you do not have a final. If you do not have a scheduled exam, you may stay in your dorm room to study or rest. If you miss an exam because of poor planning, you will not be able to make it up. All other students must be in the school until 12:30. There are no exceptions to this.
Finally, day students are not permitted in the dorms during exam week, December 11-17.
To Review:
  • Sign academic honest policy
  • Dress correctly for the exams (see above)
  • No day students in the dorm for the entire week (M-F)
  • G9-11 dorm students can enter dorms at 12:30pm.
  • G12 Students can be in dorms anytime they don’t have a test.
  • When your exams are done, please say: Congratulations! You have witnessed a genius at work!

From the Library:
Do you want to build a snowman (or a gingerbread man)?
The end of term is almost here and there are lots of things that need to be done ... study, study, assessments, and more study! In these times, it is really important that you also take time to relax. Over the next two weeks, the HS library will be offering some craft activities to help you remain calm during those times when you need a break!
Get creative! Make a gingerbread man to hang in your dorm room! There is also a snowman and a penguin as well. Other suggestions are welcome, so please share your ideas.
To participate we ask that you are respectful of the needs of others. This requires you to keep the craft area clean and please keep noise to a minimum. Finally, if you are using the glue gun ensure that you turn it off after use.
Please see Ms Cave in the library if you have any questions.

II am continuing to work with the counseling department in order to make the Descant more robust for all of you. That work will hopefully result in weekly updates from the Community Center posted here. In it will be updates on college visits, summer programs, and upcoming deadlines.
Just click the link for CC Updates.
Important Dates:
12/5-12/17: Prep time: No clubs, performances, practices or other events in the HS for finals.
12/6: BHA@KISJ Boys Basketball 5pm; NLCS @KSIJ Girls Basketball 5:15
12/13-15: Semester 1 Exams
1/9: Beginning of semester 2!
Grade 9
Heeju Cho
Eric Cho
Grade 10
Christina Kim
Edward Yoon
Grade 11
Mike Kim
Alison Heo

Grade 12
Heather Oh
Steven Kim


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